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    Friday night in Barcelona – a gift that comes round once a week. Like anywhere in the world, it’s the day to relax, forget your worries and let your hair down. But what about when the Friday night ritual of going for a few wines and a nice dinner starts to become routine? Well, it can happen… And that’s why one Friday evening we decided to try out something new and get our hands dirty at a little art studio, hidden amongst the narrow streets of El Born.

    Now, anyone who knows me well will be aware that my artistic talent is somewhat limited (to put it politely) but at the suggestion of trying life drawing I thought ‘Why the hell not?’. They say drawing is good for the mind and after a busy week, I figured it may be exactly what I needed.

    So, we went and after knocking at the wrong door for 15 minutes, we finally found the studio. On entering, there were a lot of people, many of whom were local artists who go to improve their skills every week, as well as others who, like us, were looking for a different form of Friday night escapism that doesn’t end up at 3am in Espit Chupitos.

    The model on this occasion was a burlesque dancer who spent several of the poses suspended from the ceiling by a rope (let’s not talk about how those drawings turned out). Starting with several short poses and ending with longer ones of 12 minutes, I was actually impressed to see that, whilst I am certainly not the next Picasso, there was undeniably an improvement: From a barely discernible blob to a vague resemblance of E.T. to something sort-of-kind-of  human-looking.

    What impressed me most though was the work of the others in the group, both that of the professionals and the people who had been a going for a while just to disconnect and enjoy doing something different. It was amazing to see so many original and creative ways of representing the model and some of the results were truly spectacular.

    The group meets three times a week: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Most of the time they use different models and different themes, so it certainly doesn’t get boring. They also offer Saturday morning drawing lessons for those who really wish to brush up on their drawing skills.

    For more info, you can check out their MeetUp group by clicking here. Sessions of around 2 hours cost 10 euros, including the drawing materials, wine, snacks and meeting lots of cool people. Happy drawing!

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