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    Berlin Street

    Alternative Berlin: Street Art Tour

    When in Rome, right…?

    It was my first time visiting Berlin (and Germany for that matter) and although I knew there were a million things I would want to see, one of the things that interested me most was finding some way to engage with the underground culture that forms an inherent part of the city (something, obviously, other than Berghain – we weren’t cool enough to be getting in there…). Continue Reading

  • vinitus
    Barcelona Wine Bar


    It is well-known that Barcelona is something of a wine lover’s paradise as Catalunya produces some of the best wine and cava in the world, as well as many other excellent…

  • IMG_6338
    Barcelona Shop


    Anyone familiar with the city of Barcelona will be aware that cycling is currently the ‘in’ thing to do and therefore, in recent years the city has seen a huge increase…